The future of content marketing: 5 reasons to shoot video for business

Rapid development of technology is challenging marketers: while using gadgets people get new habits requiring new communication channels. The winners are those market players who quickly react to changes and adapt to current conditions.

To catch a wave

As almost everyone today has an Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet, digital experts recommend us to count on video: now we can watch a commercial lying in bed, walking with dog or on the way to work. According to Demand Metric, 90% of respondents note the importance of video content in marketing strategy and expect this index to increase in the coming years. It is not surprising that 76% of them have already used video for social media and 81% – to promote the company's website.

How will a company benefit from video?

You can distrust experts or doubt the experience of large corporations, but you can't but believe statistics – we have prepared 5 main advantages of video, which prove the effectiveness of the new content marketing tool.

  1. Promotional video attracts attention

    You are likely to have noticed that you stay longer on websites with video. According to recent data, this is the way all internet users act:

    • on average people spend 2.6 times more time on browsing web-pages with video;
    • moreover, 59% of company decision makers prefer video to text;
    • the results of the survey conducted by HubSpot in 2016 show that 43% of consumers would like to see more video content.
  2. Visual images are remembered better that text

    No matter how hard you try to improve copy-writing, people read only 28% of the texts on a site. There is a simple explanation of it: the human brain perceives text as a set of small pictures. So it has to spend time to process information and single out the main – as a result, a person gets tired and remembers no more than 10% of the text. If you replace words with powerful visual images, the proportion of what is understood will increase to 65%, according to a recent study. It is this ability of our memory that laid the foundation for a new trend: video content is succeeding selling texts. A vivid example is Apple Inc.: it is not verbose description of technical characteristics but video-demonstration of new products that plays a key role in the appearance of the company's website.

  3. Video overviews increase sales

    There are even more weighty arguments in their favour. For instance, it is well known that before visiting the store almost 50% of consumers are looking for video related to a product or service. Meanwhile, according to HubSpot, 90% of buyers point out that video overviews have impact on their purchase decision. Invodo notes that consumers who watch a demonstration video are 81% more likely to buy a product.

  4. Video release influences conversion

    In fact, a video release enhances website conversion rates by 20%. Let's consider specific cases:

    • Hyperfine Media claims embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%;
    • a page with video is 53% more likely to get to the first positions of search results, according to Forrester Research;
    • Conductor notes that 51% of people visit a website for the first time via e-mail, whereas according to HighQ report for 2015, the very use of the word "video" in email subject increases the probability of its opening by 19%;
    • finally, the companies report: the results of the December poll by Wyzowl show that 76% of companies are sure video helps to increase traffic to a website.
  5. Image video improves audience loyalty

    Although the Coca-Cola commercial about a chain of lorries was released more than 20 years ago, we still remember it. So you shouldn't underestimate one more option of video content: image video won't boost your sales at once, but it will help you to enhance audience coverage and recognition of the brand. In this case, it is certainly better to entrust creative agency with the script of a commercial, but you also can do without it. A professional video shooting of an event where your company participates is sometimes enough to build reputation and attract new clients.

How much does a commercial cost?

The statistics impress, don't they? In order to achieve results you should shoot a video. Business owners usually prefer to act on their own for they fear high prices for professional video recording and editing, and the results of such practice sometimes fall below expectations. But their concerns are absolutely in vain, and the cost of shooting a commercial won't really destroy marketing budget, if it is not the Cannes Lions winners that work on your video. However, if you only start considering this video, you can use recording of events as a test step: it will help you to save on creative idea, actors and props. In addition, you are sure to have changed your visions on the prices after reading this article, for now you realize video helps the companies all over the world to boost sales, increase site conversion, attract new clients and deserve audience commitment.

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